Tuesday, 7 November 2017

An excerpt from CHOSEN: a dystopian, genetic engineering, Sci-fi novel

This morning I got out of bed at 5:30am. Not because I'm mad... well... 😉 but because I wanted to get some writing done.
I'm participating in NaNoWriMo this year and I really want to get my latest novel finished by the end of the month. It would be great to have it in your hands by Christmas or the New Year, right?

Here's a little excerpt from what I wrote this morning. Enjoy! x

A lamp clicked on and Jake’s heart jumped in fright. It was a couple of seconds before he realised the old man in the chair, by the window, was the one who turned it on.
In three strides, Hannah was kneeling next to him. She kissed him tenderly on his cheek. “We’re here, Grandpa.”
Is he her grandpa? Jake tried to perceive any family resemblance between them but failed.
“Let me see the boy,” the old man warbled.
One of the black-clad men positioned himself by the door with his ear against it; the other, by the window, peering out of chink that wasn’t quite closed properly.
Hannah beckoned Jake forward.
Tentatively he approached the old man. “Hello.” It was all he could think to say.
The man laughed, “Hello, Jake.”
“How do you know my name?”
Again he laughed. It was a wheezing, rumbling sound as though he had something on his chest. “I know more about you, Jake, than you know about yourself.”
Jake shrugged and snorted bitterly, “With what I’ve learnt lately, I’m not surprised.”
“Come closer.” He waved a wrinkled hand.
Jake shuffled closer and knelt before the man. He smelled of peppermints and medication. It wasn’t a pleasant odour, but Jake didn’t recoil from it either.
“Do you know who I am?”
Jake glanced at Hannah, “Hannah’s grandfather?”
Again, the wheezing laugh which this time terminated in a coughing fit.
Hannah rushed forward and rubbed his back. “Come on now, Grandpa. We don’t want to bring the nurses rushing in here, do we?” She glowered at Jake, “Don’t make him laugh again.”
As if that was my fault! Jake scowled at her.
“No, lad, I’m not Hannah’s grandfather.” He waved her away, seeming irritated by her attention. He leant forward in his chair. “My name is George.”
“Nice to meet you,” Jake smiled at him.
He grinned, his teeth either missing or yellowing. “I wish I could say it was nice to meet you too.”
The smile fell from Jake’s face. “Oh.”
“Oh, don’t take it to heart now.” His head shook slowly from side to side. “I mean no offence.” He took in a deep breath. Sadness was written all over his features. “You’re one of us, that’s what I mean. I wish you weren’t, Jake. I truly wish you weren’t.”
“One of us?”
“Oh, you know by now. You’re one of the chosen. A eugenics soldier.”
Jake felt sick to acknowledge it. “Yes, I know that.” He frowned, “But you?”
“Yes,” the old man’s eyes opened wide. “I’m one too and this,” he opened his arms wide, indicating the room, “is what I have to show for it.”

(c) 2017 Karen Aminadra. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, 5 November 2017



Just in case you didn't know, I am participating in NaNoWriMo.

That's National Novel Writing Month. It says national, but it's international really.

See you at the end of the month! <3

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Word-count tracking

Morning and happy Saturday!

It occurred to me this morning as I sat here tapping away at the keyboard that I don't know how many of you keep an eye on my word-count tracker at the side of this blog.

I use it to let you know that I am making progress. Trust me, I am 😉

But does it make any sense to you?

This one....

.... is a simple bar and you just watch the yellow colour progress across. Not really telling you much, is it?

Whereas this chap....

Christmas at Longbourn


.... Gives you far more information.

So, what I have decided is that I shall use the latter from now on to let you know how things are going.

How are things going, by the way?

Very well indeed. On 31st October I released Christmas at Longbourn. If that's your cup of tea, then hop over to Amazon and pick up your copy.

Chosen, book 1 in my Eugenics Trilogy is coming along nicely. As I write this, the word-count stands at 26, 693 words. 👍💗

...and the new word-count chappie looks like this....

CHOSEN, book 1 in The Eugenics Trilogy

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Very interesting....

Now that is very interesting indeed!
Just as I am about half-way through the first draft of my new sci-fi novel, Chosen to Die, the first to come in a trilogy about Eugenics, Yahoo! news posts this...


Apparently, Vladimir Putin has warned that genetically engineered soldiers would be worse than a nuclear bomb.

Putin said: ‘One may imagine that a man can create a man not only theoretically but also practically.
‘He can be a genius mathematician, a brilliant musician or a soldier, a man who can fight without fear, compassion, regret or pain.
‘As you understand, humanity can enter, and most likely it will in the near future, a very difficult and very responsible period of its existence.
‘What I have just described might be worse than a nuclear bomb.’
Putin warned that nations would have to agree on ethical regulations around the technology, according to the Express.
He warned: ‘When we do something, whatever we do, I want to reiterate it again — we must never forget about the ethical foundations of our work.
Interesting stuff, huh? 

Friday, 13 October 2017

We have a blurb!

I'm pleased to say that I think we have a final blurb!!! Woohoo! *Cue Mariachi band*
(Ok, I know that those are famous last words and that they might change before publication, but this is what I am working with and I really love it!)
I would really appreciate your feedback.
Does this draw you in?
What do you think the book is about?

Thanks, Karen

One hundred years from now...
Jake is being chased.
Genetically modified to be the perfect fighting machine, he is officially the property of the Eurician Empire’s military forces—and they want him back.
But they're not the only ones.
The Alliance resistance faction is also hunting him.
Two entities: one wants to use him, the other wants to save him.

He must decide who is telling the truth...his life depends on it.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Is 'Killer Robot' warfare closer than we think?

This is a really interesting article I found on the BBC. I thought you might be interested in it. :)
By Mark Smith
More than 100 of the world's top robotics experts wrote a letter to the United Nations recently calling for a ban on the development of "killer robots" and warning of a new arms race. But are their fears really justified?

Entire regiments of unmanned tanks; drones that can spot an insurgent in a crowd of civilians; and weapons controlled by computerised "brains" that learn like we do, are all among the "smart" tech being unleashed by an arms industry many believe is now entering a "third revolution in warfare".
"In every sphere of the battlefield - in the air, on the sea, under the sea or on the land - the military around the world are now demonstrating prototype autonomous weapons," says Toby Walsh, professor of artificial intelligence at Sydney's New South Wales University.
"New technologies like deep learning are helping drive this revolution. The tech space is clearly leading the charge, and the military is playing catch-up."

Thursday, 24 August 2017

A little taste of CHOSEN

I thought I'd taunt you today with a little taste of CHOSEN, the new manuscript I am working on.

I love the idea of now turning my hand to my beloved science-fiction. In this case, to dystopian sci-fi!

I hope you enjoy it.


“I suppose you’ve heard the latest, George,” Jake looked up and watched two people he knew were his neighbours calling to each other across the patio as though they were the only people there. He’d seen them from time to time and was sure they lived at the opposite end of the street to him.
“Heard what?” George barely looked up from his plate of shrimp salad.
“The propaganda that the Unified Australasian-African Alliance are spreading about the United States of Euricia.”
George sighed. Jake didn’t know if the man was interested or as tired of the war as he was. George rolled his eyes. “What crap are they trying to sell to people now?”
“Apparently they are telling everyone that Paris has fallen.”
Jake jumped at the roar of laughter that ricocheted around the patio area. It seemed everyone was now listening in to their conversation.
“Paris? Fallen?” George laughed with little bits of marie-rose sauce in the corners of his mouth. “No one would believe that. Paris is a military hub in this province of Euricia.”
“Well, that’s what they are saying on the web.” Harris, the neighbour who started the conversation shook his head.
“You shouldn’t believe everything you read on the web, Harris!” someone called out from behind Jake.
“The problem with The UAAA is that they are desperate. The Russians are with us, the old European Union is with us, and the old United States of America are with us. They are desperate. They have to give their supporters something to grasp hold of.”
“So, it’s true then?” Harris’ wife, Deirdre asked. “We are winning the war.”

“Of course we are.”

© 2017 Karen Aminadra. All Rights Reserved.