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The Spice Bride

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Grace Hayward was a pawn in a business deal between her father, a spice plantation owner in Kerala, India, and Richard Emberton spice importer from England.
She was a commodity sold into marriage to seal a business deal.
No more than a slave.

Richard Emberton secured a source of spices from India.
What he had not bargained on was gaining wife as part of the deal.

Could they both make the best out of a bad situation?
Under such circumstances, can love flourish?

A Scottish War of Independence Novel
 York, England 1303 ~ Lord Guy Sumner is granted Dirleton Castle in East Lothian, Scotland as recpompense for all his family suffered at the Battle of Rosslyn. He intends to make the Scottish bastards pay for killing his brother and father.
Dirleton, Scotland 1303 ~ Dougal McCrae, amongst others, does not take the invasion of his land by the English lightly. He hates Sumner with a passion and when the English Lord crosses the line, he too vows vengeance.
Blood and revenge are set to flow in the Scottish lowlands, while King Edward marches to take the whole land and make it his.
The Scots have other ideas!